Iconic reggae songs to listen to

There are many music genres that people love listening to. Among these is reggae, a popular genre that has no limitations when it comes to its music. By listening to it, people will appreciate every song’s innovativeness and uniqueness.  Reggae is characterized by funky upbeat tunes and visuals that are usually red, yellow, and green … Read more

Soundbox: Best Taylor Swift tracks of all time

With her magical lyricism and an intense passion for music, it’s not a surprise that Taylor Swift has become one of the biggest names in the music industry for years. Taylor Swift doesn’t disappoint when it comes to writing music, which is a huge influence on her fans. What makes Taylor Swift different from other … Read more

Soundbox: How to enjoy music

Music is one of the best things you can experience in life. It has the power to make you dance, smile or bring back memories that will move you to tears.  People enjoy music in different ways according to their preferences but there are ways to help you take your listening experience to a whole … Read more

Soundbox: Best singers of all time!

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Best black gospel songs of all time

Best black gospel songs of all time African American Gospel is a genre of music that features euphoric, rhythmic and spiritual themes inspired by the church singing and praise of African Americans in the South. Since the 1930s, this form of music has been prevalent among black people who were taken from Africa to work … Read more

Everything you need to know about the blues

Everything you need to know about the blues  Blues is one of the most popular music genres that emerged mostly in Southern regions of the United States in the mid to late 1800s. However, much of the genre’s development is said to take place in the Mississippi Delta area. The blues was invented by the … Read more

Soundbox: Everything you need to know about reggae music

Soundbox: Everything you need to know about reggae music  Originating in Jamaica, reggae is a music genre that is widely listened to across the globe. Since its inception, reggae has become an outlet for musicians to express their feelings about life, love and religion.  Originated from the term ‘rege-rege’, reggae means ‘rags’ or ‘ragged’ clothes, … Read more

Best gospel lyrics you should know

Best gospel lyrics you should know  Over the years, many black artists have emerged in the industry. Also known as ‘traditional black gospel’, this genre of music is known as a way to express fate in African American Christian beliefs. Through this music genre, people found a way to express their beliefs and their faith. … Read more

Soundbox: The home of reggae music

Soundbox: The home of reggae music Soundbox is a site that provides news, content and feature articles on the latest reggae artists across the world. On this site, we feature some of the emerging artists in the field of reggae, as well as updates on luminaries in the industry. If you want to learn more … Read more

Open, Close by Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade is taking her lyrics “Back to back is not beans” seriously! Approximately 24 hours after the release of the authoritative “Oga”, Alade shocks with another fresh track titled “Open, Close”.“Open Close” is a afrobeats banger that treats a sensitive topic.Download and Enjoy!